FAQs - Fine Affair
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you choose us?

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little different.

Maybe you’d like to impress your guests, rather than simply feed them. We have a winning edge, and the formula for that is really quite simple.

When we cater for your function, we extend to your guests the same respect and hospitality that you would. We consider ourselves a representation of you.

We pace your function and deliver the most professional service to create & enhance any atmosphere. Our food is generally a talking point so we would expect many comments to filter through to you.

And our staff are not only professional, but an absolute delight to have around.

What foods do we have and what's in it?

Our menus are terrific value with such a big variety that’s very rarely matched.

Take our finger food for example, we have inclusions of Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Game, Seafood and a significant amount of Vegetarian items all on the one menu so you’re certain to please everyone.

You’ll find that we make most of the items on offer.

A rather positive point about doing this is that we get to control what goes into it.

With a hefty emphasis on nutrition & the modern day diet, we limit all levels of fat, oil, salt and sugar and never use any additives, preservatives or chemicals, enabling our food to be nutritious as well as delicious.

Always very aware of the quality of our ingredients, fresh produce is hand selected by our Chef and for all other requirements, we’ve been using the same reputable suppliers for years.

Our meat is as lean as you can get and you won’t believe how we can turn top quality ingredients into such tasty dishes.

What about staff?

We have the most wonderful Staff!

The part you really want to know about is that each has been hand picked and screened for Professionalism, Attitude, Reliability and Work Ethic. They are all presented formally, with Classic Style Uniforms that are impressive and always clean and well fitted. They are Enthusiastic, Friendly and Welcoming and have a knack for reading a crowd – whether it’s a football celebration or an elegant cocktail party for the Italian Ambassador, our team will slip into the required mode. They are well trained and are of the same understanding that we all share here, and that is to give each client and guest an experience in which to remember us fondly.

The part that you don’t really need to know about is that our philosophy here is virtually the same as all the other areas of our business. You get out what you put in.

I feel confident in saying that our staff consistently do an outstanding job. This makes them a valuable part of this organisation and, as a result, are treasured by us. Each is appreciated and verbally praised and encouraged. I believe it is because of this that our staff morale is exceptional and our team continues to work closely and happily at every function.

How much food can you expect?

We never give numbered portions.

What we do say is that we guarantee not to run out of food.

Whatever your numbers are, we assume that all your guests are hungry and we intend to feed them to the point where they will forget about having the next meal of the day if there’s to be one. If not, then we know they’ll be leaving very satisfied.

Because the food is made by us, then we’re only too happy to pack more than enough for the gathering. We just keep it coming – you know, we often get requests like ‘ooh those Oriental Chicken Dumplings were delicious – are there anymore?’ so yes, we’ll bring out another round – no problem.

What do we provide?

We can provide everything that your guests might need to enjoy a meal.

We will go through all the things that we expect you will need in order to put together a successful event.

We will make recommendations and take notes of what we need to organise for you. We will help you to understand all the things that quite often get forgotten like how to properly prepare an R.S.V.P, Ice supply and Ashtray provisions. You may even need to consider heating.

Don’t worry, you may never have had to put together a big event before – but we have – and we will help you every step of the way.

How long do we stay?

Not much to say here really. We simply don’t leave until people have eaten enough. If people are still eating, then we’re still serving. It’s as straight forward as that If we have any food left over and you can provide us with platters or containers, then it’s all yours. We’ll wrap it up and put it in the fridge for you to take with you.

What about drinks?

Fine Affair can provide Bar staff for your event to serve and tend to all the beverage duties. They come dressed in our full Classic Style uniform and are ready to tend to your guests needs whether it be to open bottles, pour or mix drinks, collect and wash glasses or to empty bins and ashtrays.

Our staff can be hired by the hour or by the day. They can manage your guests from behind a fully equipped Bar or a make shift trestle Bar. Whatever the situation, give us a call and we will be only too happy to assist you with your planning and offer you our advice as to how best to organise it.

Who cleans up?

We are always sure to leave the area in which we have worked as clean as when we found it. All rubbish will be tied up and removed. All surfaces are wiped down and sanitised before and after using.

The kitchen floor will be swept providing we are made aware of where the brooms are stored. Any utensils or equipment we may need to use will be cleaned and put away. The oven and stove tops are always checked and cleaned down.

When all of this has been completed, we come and inform you that the area has been cleaned and we’re now ready to leave.


Our costs are very reasonable and competitive. They are calculated depending on the job requirements, site, distance, number of guests and staffing configurations. Most of our menus can be staffed or delivered which can make a significant difference to the cost. All menus can be altered or personalised.

You may choose to have disposable crockery and cutlery for an Outback Barbeque or China Plates and Stainless Steel Cutlery for a formal wedding all of which will vary the final price.

For an informed assessment of what a job would cost, you simply need to call the office for a 10 minute quote or fill in the catering quote form and email it to us for an approximate online quote.